Every summer, we see brands come out with new iterations of sunscreen. Usually, it’s just new packaging, different SPF ranges, or a better scent. But sometimes, brands go all out and bring us brand new, heavily researched and finessed formulas.

This summer, the go-to innovation is adding a cooling factor into sunscreen lotions and sprays. Some brands are taking it a step further and actually making gel sunscreens, eliminating that lotion-y feel completely while protecting and soothing sun-exposed skin. Plus, a cooling effect can work wonders on slighty burned skin, providing relief instantaneously while also protecting from further damage. Plus, what could be better when you’re sweating like a dog on a hot July day, than lotion that actually makes your skin temp drop a few degrees?

According to a study done by skincare brand LaRoche-Posay, one of the top three reasons people do not apply sunscreen is because they don’t like how it feels. In fact, 51% of people (both men and women) don’t apply sunscreen because they say it’s too sticky, greasy or messy. That’s a whole lot of people risking skin cancer simply because they haven’t found the right formula.

If you fall into that 51%, consider trying one of these cooling sunscreens this summer. They’re pretty different than any other SPF options out there, and might just be the skin saviors you’ve been waiting for.

Kiss My Face
Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face Cool Sport Any Angle Air Powered Spray
This sunscreen formula includes cucumber and aloe to cool the skin on contact. Aloe and a special antioxidant complex work together to hydrate skin and further protect from sun damage.


L'Oréal Paris
L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris Advanced Suncare Invisible Protect Clear Cool Lotion SPF 30
Clear sunscreen seems like a product we could only dream about, but L’Oréal found a way to make it a reality. The instant cooling effect reduces skin temperature on contact by 4 degrees, and the formula rubs in without leaving any sort of sticky residue.

La Roche-Posay
La Roche-Posay

LaRoche-Posay Anthelios 60 Cooling Water Lotion Sunscreen With Cell-OX Shield XL
This cooling lotion includes an antioxidant complex to further bolster skin against UV damage. The formula transforms into a watery texture on the skin, providing an immediate cooling effect and absorbing quickly without leaving any sort of film or residue.


Neutrogena CoolDry Sport Sunscreen
Available in both a spray and a lotion, Neutrogena’s “micromesh” technology is formulated to allow sweat and moisture to pass through the sunscreen layer without compromising protection. While it doesn’t have an additive that actively cools, the technology helps the body cool itself down in even the hottest summer sun

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