3. Vases

We talked before about using denture tablets to remove old-flower-gunk (technical term) from the inside of a vase, which is one of my favorites, mostly because of the knowing looks I get whenever I talk to my friends about old-flower-gunk. The other good thing that the tablets do for those vases is to remove the stink — oh the stink! — that old-flower-gunk leaves behind.

4. Stained coffee mugs and coffee pots

Because denture tablets are designed to remove stains from false teeth, they’re also great for use on darkly stained items like coffee mugs, glass coffee pot carafes, tea kettles, and the like. For larger or more heavily stained items, you might want to drop two tablets in for extra cleaning power. 

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5. Your fancy Le Creuset pot 

If you have a Le Creuset or similar enameled cast iron pot, you know how wonderful it is for letting batches of stuff like chili simmer for hours while becoming the most delicious. And you probably also know how horrible it is when you go to clean out the chili pot, only to find that the light-colored enameled interior has been stained horribly by your delicious meal. Enter denture tablets. Drop two into a pot filled with warm water and allow the tablet-y water to soak the interior for 30 minutes to an hour for the best results, followed by a quick wash with hot, soapy water.

6. Toilets

Those denture tablets will work on an altogether different kind of pot — your toilet! Drop one right in the bowl (but not in the tank) and allow it to fizz for 20-30 minutes before scrubbing the bowl with a toilet brush and flushing.

7. Yellowed fingernails

I saved my favorite one for last: Denture tablets are the secret to keeping frequently varnished fingernails free of that horrible yellowing that can happen due to too much polish wear. Dissolve a tablet in a small bowl of warm water and soak your fingernails for a few minutes, using a nail brush for extra scrubbing power, to brighten your talons right up!

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