Toss those stilettos and miniskirts aside—your eyelashes have more flirting and attention-grabbing power than you realize.Batting your lashes is an evolutionary signal of attraction, so it’s no wonder we’re a society obsessed with creating the darkest, longest set.Women naturally have more contrast between their features and their skin, so adding extra-dark oomph to your lashes means you’re showcasing your femininity. (Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!)We sweep on layers of mascara, fake it with false lashes and beg our doctors for prescription lengthening formulas—all as a way to draw more attention to our eyes, which give off the most communicative non-verbal signals we have as humans.QUIZ: Find Your Best MascaraIt’s not all about flirting when it comes to your lashes, though. That beautiful flutter also plays an important safety role too. The eyelashes prompt the eyelid to close when it senses things that could scratch or irritate the eye, even before you consciously realize you should close your eye.So, by all means, bat those sexy lashes like Jessica Rabbit. But be glad they’re on guard, protecting your gorgeous eyes, too!