A veil of self-tanner can act like invisible foundation for your complexion, evening out skintone and adding a glow. But applying self-tanner straight to your face can seem intimidating, what with the streak-factor and dangerous Oompa Loompa possibilities!Enter “gradual glow” self-tanners. These subtle bronze-ifiers are blended into facial moisturizers, which dilute the intensity of the color and allow you to build up a natural-looking glow over multiple uses. Basically, they make it virtually impossible to look anything other than radiant! But even though this is a kinder, gentler self-tanning formula, you should still keep these pro application tips in mind:Exfoliate and MoisturizeAlways start with freshly cleansed, exfoliated skin before applying a gradual glow product. Sloughing off dead skin cells and rough spots allows for a smooth application and helps your color blend evenly.MORE: At-Home Skin Peels for a Glowing ComplextionDon’t Overdo ItWhen it comes to self-tanner, less is always more! For the most natural color, use a small amount everyday until you reach your desired darkness. “Then back to applying every two to three days,” advises Cindy Barshop, founder of Completely Bare Hi-Tech Spas.Test DriveWhen choosing a gradual glow product for face, Barshop says to test the shade in an inconspicuous area to see if you like it, making sure to “look at the color in real sunlight, like with a mirror near a window.” We’re huge fans of and Philosophy Here Comes The Sun Gradual Glow Self-Tanner For Face.MORE: Is Tanning Addictive?Go DeepIf you prefer deeper color, a traditional self-tanner for face will be more your speed. Since the color is stronger, you’ll want to apply more strategically, blending a small button-sized amount onto areas where the sun naturally hits, like the bridge of your nose, apples of your cheeks and forehead, and then outwards, says Barshop.Smooth MovesBefore application, take care to moisturize over any rough spots like around the mouth and nostrils, or else the texture of skin can catch and deepen the color, creating a streaky effect. Try Lancôme Flash Bronzer Oil-Free Tinted Self-Tanning Face Lotion or swipe on one of Dr. Dennis Gross’ Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads.Now whether or not there are flip-flops and frozen drinks in your day’s game plan, you can make like you’ve seen sun anytime of the year.MORE: Skincare Basics: What is Serum? (And Do You Need One?)