Colder months and harsh weather can take a toll on your hair. However, one way to shield against environmental stressors is by investing in the right shampoo. As a result, strands may appear brittle or lackluster this season.

Thankfully, a gentle, nourishing, and hydrating shampoo can improve the look and feel of strands in no time!

Hydrating & Supple Shampoos
Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Aloe + Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Shampoo ($28, shop here):

Briogeo understands haircare and how some ingredients are harsh on the scalp. So to minimize irritation, they’ve created an ultra-nourishing formulation. The Be Gentle, Be Kind Aloe + Oat Milk Ultra Soothing Shampoo will be a sensitive-skin saver.

This is a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic shampoo for all hair types. In addition, Oast Milk infuses the strands with fatty acids, Aloe Vera soothes irritation, and Green Tea Extract gives the hair a boost of antioxidants.

You can apply this product just like any other shampoo and even pair it with Briogeo’s matching conditioner for the best results. So say hello to soft and nourished hair.

Bread Beauty Supply Hair Wash Gentle Milky Hair Cleanser ($20, shop here):

Bread is known for its high-performing products for curly and coily hair. However, they’ve created hydrating shampoo for all hair types. The Hair Wash Gentle Milky Hair Cleanser cleans and soothes scalps in the same step.

However, this will work exceptionally well for thick, curly, and textured hair. It’s rich in hair-loving ingredients. For example, Argan Oil softens, Aloe Vera soothes, and Lemon Tea Tree nourishes the scalp.

Bread recommends sectioning the hair and applying the product evenly for a thorough wash. Another helpful tip is to use the pads of your fingertips to stimulate circulation and cleanse the scalp.

Shu Uemura Gentle Radiance Clarifying Shampoo for All Scalp & Hair Types ($59, shop here):

Clarifying shampoos are essential to use once a month, especially if you love to style your hair. Product build-up can latch onto the scalp and make it challenging for shampoo to work. However, clarifying shampoo eliminates build-up with ease.

The shu uemura Gentle Radiance Clarifying Shampoo for All Scalp & Hair Types is a universal formula. It provides an intense cleanse, moistens the scalp, and feels lightweight in the strands.

It’s also formulated with Japanese Onsen-Inspired Ferments that offer antioxidants and shield against UV rays.

Dae Monsoon Moisture Milk Hydrating Shampoo ($26, shop here):

Dae is a hair care brand based in Arizona and inspired by this state’s nature. So, it’s safe to say they know how everyone can benefit from the monsoon season. One product to try is the Monsoon Moisture Milk Hydrating Shampoo.

This ultra-milky and hydrating shampoo leave hair nourished without feeling greasy. In addition, it’s designed to fight frizz, soften hair, and create a shiny effect. Dae claims this product is beneficial for dry hair.

You’ll notice this shampoo has a blend of nutritional components like Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Moringa Leaf Extract, and Cactus Flower Extract. These ingredients promote glossy hair, prevent breakage, and help strands retain moisture.