Are These The Most Luxurious Temporary Tattoos Ever?

Temporary tattoos have come a long way since the cartoon-character party favors of our youth. They’ve become a truly fashionable accessory, thanks to brands like Tattly, which employs talented artists to create clever designs; Mr. Kate, whose BeautyMarks make it look like someone did a watercolor painting on your skin; and Flash Tattoos, metallic designs that look like jewelry.

Flash Tattoos have become hugely popular recently, so it’s no surprise that other companies are launching metallic temporary tattoos. One of those companies, My Jewel Candy, is taking the look to the next level, asking, why wear temporary tattoos that just look like silver and gold when you can wear ones made of silver and gold?

Called Gold Candy, these jewelry-inspired designs are made of real 24-karat gold or real silver. We don’t know whether to say “Ooooh, ahhhh,” or “Huh?”

On one hand, it seems very indulgent—even wasteful—to wear precious metals on your skin for just a few days, especially when no one knows just by looking at the tattoos that they’re made of real gold or silver.

On the other hand, at $38 to $40, they’re surprisingly affordable for something made of gold or silver, not to mention that the designs are really breathtaking: exotic-looking “bracelets,” dramatic “necklaces” and other little accents to wear wherever you please.

Are they an everyday enhancement? Maybe not. But we can see ourselves wearing these for special occasions—very special occasions.

What do you think? Are precious-metal temporary tattoos cool or ridiculous?