Can you imagine smearing gold all over your cheeks for brighter skin? Gold has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that are beloved by celebs and one-percenters galore. They’ve flocked to spas for luxurious gold leaf facials, and we normals have watched longingly from afar for years, but now we can finally try it for ourselves with an at-home kit!

gold leaf facial

Product: BSB Culmine Glow Facial Kit by Bella Schneider Beauty

Price: $95

We Think:





How to Use It: The kit includes a multi-step process that culminates with the star of the show: covering your face with luxurious, delicate gold leaves! First, you prepare the face with a cleansing milk and a shiny caviar and gold scrub. Then, the time comes to ever-so-gently place the gold leaves on your face, which you’ll then treat with a special serum that allows the gold to blend into your skin. As I blended, a few not-yet-broken-down pieces of gold lingered on my face like glitter, which made me feel extra sparkly.

Results: I adore this product. It left me with the kind of bright, glowing skin you just can’t fake with makeup, and the luxurious process was half the fun! Sure, I may have been applying it in an average Brooklyn walk-up surrounded by an unmade bed and messy room, but in my little bubble, as I covered my face in the product, I was a queen. I get to carry on for the rest of the day knowing my face is coated in real gold, and that can’t be taken away from me no matter how much I get unglamorously elbowed on the crowded subway or trip on my way to work. Fancy is a state of mind, friends.

The other thing I love about this kit is that I now have a go-to treatment for big events. The facial creates noticeable results quickly, and that’s exactly what a girl needs when getting ready for a wedding or party where she’ll be heavily photographed or will be in the presence of a frenemy she wants to look good next to. The steps of the kit are also great when used separately in a pinch – who doesn’t want to occasionally exfoliate with a gold and caviar scrub?

Treat yourself to this, it’s absolutely worth it!

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