Those lips! Those eyes! Those badass braids! Beauty trends from the Golden Globes red carpet give us tips for real life as well as super glam parties.

Could anything be easier than strobing? This little trick gives your skin a romantic glow that looks natural, and it’s easy. Say goodbye to heavy contouring kits that demand a whole lot of effort and money and can wind up making you look very kabuki samurai warrior if misapplied.

Takes sides with Alicia Vikander, Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez and go get that highlighter.


Party lips! Celebs who went for the red used one, two and three rosy shades to give us Old Hollywood. Red is a classic that sees revival on matching carpets every year or so. The news over the weekend is celebs went shiny instead of matte.

Emily Rossum, Jennifer Lawrence, Rachel McAdams and Eva Green saw red, and Jennifer Lopez and Laverne Cox deepened the shade into berry.


Smoky eyes mean lots of color, but this year your favorite actresses moved out of the dark shadows toward shades that reflected their gowns. Jenna Dewan Tatum smashed the look. How perfect was Olivia Wilde’s matchup of eye shade with gown?


A YouBeauty Hall of Fame shout out has to go to Jennifer Lopez. Not only did she nail it with that dress, she hit makeup and hair on at least three trends and counting. And she did it so beautifully. Here, in case you missed it, is Ms. Lopez executing to perfection the red lip, strobing and lobbing that made her the queen of the Golden Globe carpet.