PROBLEM: Hair Damage. Many people damage their hair in the maintenance and styling process, even without knowing.SOLUTION: Look out for these major hair damage culprits, and follow our advice.Excessive combing: Over time, too much brushing (especially on wet hair) can cause the delicate cuticle scales on the outside of the hair shaft to lift and peel off.The wrong tools: The wrong comb can remove the cuticle layer in large portions, making porous and dull hair strands. Try a wide-tooth comb and go from ends to roots.Back-combing and teasing: This tugs hair in the opposite direction of the cuticle scales, which can eventually rip them off and leave the inner cortex exposed.Heated appliances: When too hot or used on wet hair, heat styling can cause hair to boil! This creates permanent welts, weakening and dulling the hair shaft, which sets the stage for breakage. Blow dry hair less often and never use ceramic styling tools on wet hair.QUIZ: Do You Have Healthy Hair?PROBLEM: Split Ends.They occur when the cuticle layer is severely weathered or missing. This causes the exposed shaft to fray like yarn.SOLUTION: Give your hair a dose of protection and intense moisture by conditioning. Regular trims, every six to eight weeks, help as well.PROBLEM: Lackluster Locks. Everyday wear and tear and styling products can make hair dry and dull.SOLUTION: Mild shampoo will remove residue, but for some people daily washing is too much and strips the hair of its natural oils. A deep conditioner left on for 10 minutes will give you softness and shine.PROBLEM: Oily Hair. When hair follicles release too much sebum (a natural waxy fat), hair can look flat, oily and greasy.SOLUTION: Oily scalps need consistent care. When you shampoo, massage it into the roots and down the hair shaft. Excessive combing, brushing and running your fingers through your hair help the sebum move from the scalp down the hair shaft. Try handling your hair as little as possible.PROBLEM: Faded Hair Color. All dyes eventually fade with time. The sun, air and shampoo all contribute to the dulling of hair color.SOLUTION: Use a semi-permanent hair color product. They are gentler than permanent dyes and allow you to replenish your color sooner without causing as much damage. Use shampoos and conditioners designed for hair-color maintenance.MORE: Tame Your Hair Troubles