19All set for that big holiday bash? You’ve shopped ‘til you dropped, lined up the perfect party outfit and planned a killer makeup palette. But in all that hustling around getting ready for the best Christmas party ever, you forgot to book an appointment with your hair stylist. Don’t fret. We’ve got fabulous holiday hairstyles you can create for yourself in ten minutes flat. Pick up that comb, and you’ll be on your way faster than you can finish humming all those verses of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Selena Gomez Twisted Low Knot

An effortless low bun makes your face the focus of attention, and dramatic earrings help frame your features awhile adding dramatic flair. Four easy steps to create the perfect low knot can be found here.

Carrie Underwood Sideswept Glamour

Start with clean, blown dry hair. Then create instant volume along your hairline and crown by using your fingers to part your hair on the opposite side from your normal part. Strands that are always parted the same way end to lie flat over time.

Blake Lively Push Back Retro

Top this style off with a skinny sequin headband for added glamour. Begin with clean, blown dry hair. Brush it back away from your face to smooth strands. Start at your hairline in the center of your forehead take a 3-inch section of hair and tease it with a fine-tooth comb.

Viola Davis Natural Confidence

The simplest of all literally is a natural hair style that lets you wash and go. No matter what your hair texture, you can’t go wrong with natural hair. Whether your hair is kinky and coiled or more relaxed and loose, this is the easiest. Rock an easy afro like Viola Davis or do a simple twist for added volume.

Charlize Theron Sleek Chignon

Charlize Theron stunned at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival in a sleek chignon. Start with a low pony tail and twist the end around the base to secure it above the nape of your neck. Use smaller hairpins and a hairnet in your natural color to hold hair in place. For a softly twisted look, the key is messiness. Don’t worry about grabbing perfect sections or smoothing flyaways—the looser, the better.

Kate Middleton Dramatic Double Twist

For Kate Middleton’s sleek twist, gently brush back your hair and gather it at the nape of your neck.  Use your fingers to divide hair into two sections. Gather each section into two low pigtails Secure each pigtail with a clear hair elastic. Twist each pigtail so that it begins to more in toward the other and continue until the pigtails are tightly wound and begin to bunch up on top of one another. Tuck in the ends under the twist and use bobby pins to secure them.

Kerry Washington Faux Bob

Is the Scandal star rocking a loose bob? No, it’s an illusion created by a deep side part and loose curls gathered into a low pony tail. Go here to learn how you can fake a long bob in six easy steps.

Rachel McAdams French Twist

This is not your grandmother’s French twist. To get the modern look, start by pinning hair into three sections: top, middle and bottom.  Twist the middle section up and secure it with bobby pins to hold the hair in place. Then grab the bottom section and repeat twisting it up and pin it into the middle section. Finally, grab the top section and pull it over the middle and bottom sections. Give it another twist and secure it with pins.

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