Long heart faces beckon with beautiful curves. This shape starts off wide at the forehead and cheeks, and then swoops down in rounded fashion to a pointed, long chin. Since proportions are both top and bottom heavy, the best haircut strategy is to style a variation of a bang to draw attention to the eyes and center of the face.

“The different ways of cutting layers and bangs can have especially dramatic results on a long face,” says Guido, YouBeauty Hair Advisor.

Be sure to take into consideration how much time you want to allot to styling in the mornings, as bangs are the one section of hair that needs a quick daily refresher to look its best – even if you’re skipping a wash and pulling the rest of your hair back.

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Getty ImagesScarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

If you have straight or wavy hair

An ideal length is shoulder-length, with flowing layers that transition through hair. Opt for concave layers, which create movement while maintaining thickness at the bottom perimeter of strands by preserving a blunt and even line. Refrain from layers of the short and top-heavy kind, as they will add bulk to a face that is already plenty full in that area.

Wispy bangs that touch the area between eye and eyebrow will soften your look. Asking your stylist to cut bangs so that the tips subtly differ as you work your way across the forehead will not only highlight your eyes, but also create a vibe that is equal parts sexy and mysterious.

Getty ImagesJennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt

If you have curly hair

Curly texture is ideal for a long heart shape, as it naturally balances out the fullness and length with rich texture. You can still add interest with layers, though you should stay away from short layers that will further emphasize already an already full forehead and cheekbones.

Go instead for longer layers cut in a concave style, which builds movement without breaking up the bottom fullness of a straight-ending edge. An experienced stylist can also texturize the ends of your strands with point-cutting shears technique that targets and separates each curl for individual definition.

Getty ImagesAngela Bassett
Angela Bassett

If you have highly textured hair

Whether you wear your hair with natural texture or iron it into smooth strands, one stand-out trick to making your hair work best with your face shape is to somehow cut a bang or section of hair so that it sweeps over a part of your forehead, effectively balancing your proportions.

Long locks can go for a side-swept bang swoop that flirtatiously angles over one eye—think Veronica Lake—while shorter lengths can try a blunt bang that lightens the face with its age-defying youth. Super shorn locks can cut pieces to slightly wave on the forehead for a similar effect.


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