From the loins of We Tried It comes He Tried It, a new column where the women of YouBeauty give a male friend/coworker one of our beauty products and make him report back after using it for a week. This week, our friend Ian tries out a pore-reducing beauty balm.


Ian Hartz, age 25, and an urban planner.


I tried out Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional PRO balm, a skin balm that is meant to reduce the appearance of pores.

What were your expectations going in?

I really had no expectations for this product. I mean, how can something shrink your pore size and be sold over the counter? I was very skeptical, but I gave it a try.

What’s your normal skincare routine?

I usually use Aesop’s Fabulous Face Cleanser. I bought it on a whim as a “treat yo’self” purchase and then fell in love with it, so I kept using it. I follow it up with their Mandarin Facial Hydrating Cream. I don’t use the moisturizer every day, but if my skin is feeling dry I will. I also occasionally use a prescription cream for redness, but I do that pretty rarely. Occasionally I’ll try something new, but that’s my usual routine.

Day One

General impressions: how is the usability? Were you able to use Porefessional yourself or did you need help from a friend/Google? Do you notice any results?

I had no clue how to use POREfessional PRO balm. I think I got a sample size bottle [Correct! — Editor] because it was tiny and had no instructions on the back. So naturally, I turned to the Internet. I found out that it was a primer which I assumed meant that this is the first product you use in your skin care regime. After further reading I realized that it’s a primer for makeup. Since I don’t wear makeup it’s actually the last thing I end up applying. I was quite confused. I also had no idea how much you were supposed to put on so I started with a tiny amount, especially after I realized it was tinted.

Despite my skepticism, I actually did notice a difference the first time I used it. I thought that this product was actually supposed to shrink your pores, but it just kind of fills them in to make your skin look smoother. It also sort of changed the color of your skin and made it a little more even. The difference wasn’t extreme, but I was surprised that I could actually notice it.

Day Three

Notice any results? Overall thoughts?

There weren’t any different results between the first and second use. I don’t think the product actually changes your skin, but just helps to cover up the little imperfections.

Day Seven

What are your thoughts after a full week of using POREfessional PRO balm? Will you continue to use this product? Would you buy it? Did people notice any changes in your skin?

The results were pretty much the same each time I used it. I do have some left so I’ll probably use it if I think I have a problem area that I’d like to hide. I’m relatively low-key about my skin care regimen and I rarely even make it through my own three step process. I don’t think I’d buy it, either. But I’m glad I have some left to use in the future should I need it.

Did this product make you feel sexier? Did people notice changes in your skin? 

Maybe I felt a little sexier. I’ve always been a little self-conscious about my skin. I mean, I don’t think anyone else noticed the change in my skin, but it was a little bit of a confidence boost for myself.

Tell us something else about your week with this product.

Using this product made me realize how dedicated girls who wear makeup are about their regimen. Like I said,  I barely make it through my own process and this product is what you apply before even doing your makeup. I felt like Beyoncé in the “Pretty Hurts” video. Okay, that’s definitely an exaggeration, but I’m impressed by your dedication, ladies!

Ian received Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional PRO balm as a sample.