The beauty industry is continuously changing. Trends go in and out before you even can catch on. Sometimes more is less, other times less is more. The beauty industry has been catching up to Gen Z by creating brands and products they want. Beauty for Gen Z is a lot of things- sometimes it’s glitter and neon colors, and sometimes it’s bare-faced. Gen Z has also influenced the beauty industry to branch more into men’s makeup.

Something I noticed recently is how HBO’s new show, Euphoria, has influenced Gen Z makeup significantly. The characters on Euphoria rock glitter eyeshadow, neon eyeliner, and glossy lipstick in their day-to-day lives, and it’s seriously affected its viewers. Neon makeup has been in for quite some time now, but Euphoria took it to a whole new level, by pulling inspiration from decades past. We see throwbacks to the ’90s with scrunchies and barrettes, in addition to the rock glam of the characters.

Years ago, the key to beauty was perfection. Your face had to be symmetrical, with your eyebrows arched and cheekbones snatched. Gen Z has taken the perception of “perfect” and put their spin on it. Gen Z told us that imperfection is in style and took to the beauty industry to showcase that. You would never see someone wearing neon eyeliner and glitter in the past, but today, no one thinks twice. Gen Z is all about standing out. They’re about being proud of who you are and making a statement while doing so. Gen Z has also influenced the beauty industry to break down gender roles and helped to normalize men wearing makeup.

We are often told that beauty comes from within, but with images of girls with perfect faces and makeup, it’s hard to find that true. But beauty should be about feeling beautiful, both inside and outside. Beauty should be about being confident and proud of who you are. And if Gen Z did anything, they advocated that real beauty indeed does come from within.