When you flip through the pages of a magazine, you may notice that varying campaigns include makeup looks that aren’t suitable for everyday use. However, you can incorporate editorial elements into your routine to enhance your features and make them wearable.

Also, a majority of editorial techniques can be beginner-friendly.

Key Features of Editorial Makeup
Glossy Eyes + Lips
A technique that can separate editorial makeup from other makeup styles is texture. An effortless way to include surface into your makeup look is with gloss because it’s an accessible and versatile product that can be worn almost anywhere.

Most brands have formulated a multipurpose gloss that sits comfortably on the eyes and lips. It provides a glassy finish that can spice up any plain eye shadow or create a cohesive dewy finish.
Pops of Color
Editorial makeup can easily incorporate a pop of color wherever you see fit. For example, you may choose a facial feature you focus on the most, like the cheeks, eyes, or lips, to highlight with an exuberant shade.

You can go bold on the lips and cheeks with an orange tint or highlight the eyes with blue glitter. These are a few possibilities to add flare and experiment with cosmetics.
Barely-There Brows
Another common trend within the editorial space is rocking a natural brow. You can leave your brows as they are or create the illusion that they aren’t noticeable. Some popular online brow styles include faux/bleached and thin 90s brows.

You don’t need to shave your eyebrows to commit to the 90s style. Instead, brush them inwards with gel. Also, you can coat the brows in concealer to create a faux look before deciding if bleach suits you.
Artistic and futuristic brands quickly produce makeup adornments and accessories to give life to any look. Rhinestones have had their time in the spotlight, which is why many artists gravitate towards industrial or colorful alternatives.

Makeup accessories like holographic liner paper, gold face gems, and edgy studs can solidify the mood of your makeup. They’re also effortless to apply and remove and quickly create the illusion your makeup took more time to complete.
Abstract Eye Art
Another easy way to incorporate editorial trends into everyday makeup is by focusing on the eyes. You can slap on any color of eyeshadow and create a blend of vibrant hues. Pastels are beginner-friendly and more forgiving upon application but still liven up your features.

You can also grab your favorite liquid liner to create something graphic. A pro tip is to draw outside your eye shape because it’s great to have extra space and not be confined to your crease. This tip will work wonders for hooded or smaller eye shapes.
Natural Skin
When in doubt, allow your skin to shine through! Younger generations are learning to embrace their skin texture regardless of imperfections. In addition, applying cream products like foundation, bronzer, and blushes offer coverage without looking cakey.
Do You Need New Tools for Editorial Makeup?
Its possible you already have the products needed to create an editorial feel to your makeup look. In addition, you may invest in new items if you find this particular style of makeup works for you!