There are two parts of the body, besides the face, that reveal your age: your neck and your hands. That means you want to take extra care of these areas so they don’t wrinkle and spot – hopefully ever. Right now we’re going to focus on the hands because they are one of the most used parts of the body. Try any one of the following 6 tips to start making your hands look younger now.

#1 – Wear Driving Gloves: The windows on the doors of your car are not required to have the same plastic layer that blocks UV rays like windshields do. For that reason you will want to wear driving gloves in order to protect your hands from age spots.

#2 – Add Some Volume: Because the fat under your skin goes away as you age, it makes your skin look saggy. Bring collagen levels back up with a hand cream that has growth factors.

#3 – Choose a Good Moisturizer: Use moisturizer on your hands that contain dimethicone to help seal water and glycolic acid. Go with the ones with omega-3s and linoleic acid.

#4 – No Cutting Cuticles: Keep the skin around the hands soft and youthful by not cutting the cuticles. Just use moisturizer on that area.

#5 – Get Rid of Calluses: Calluses are one of those quick signs of aging. Prevent them by wearing gloves during sports activities.

#6 – Exfoliate More: Just like you exfoliate your face, you should do it to your hands too. This will help to replace tired, old skin cells for fresh ones.

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