When it comes to makeup, there’s always a new palette that I’m lusting after. Then I go back and forth, debating whether it’s worth the splurge. The worst is when I give in and buy it, only to realize I will use just two of the colors. Whether you’re like me with a regretful impulse purchase or wanting to spend less on the latest makeup trend, we have a new solution: buying and selling makeup online.

Buying second-hand makeup saves you money, and it helps the person who is getting rid of it. It also prevents something else from ending up in a landfill. There are a ton of wins here.

There are several websites where you can buy and sell makeup, but they all have their own specific rules and fees. Glambot allows you to buy and sell new and used products. The items need to be within three months of expiration and have at least 50% of the original product. Check out their site for accepted brands and products. One downside is that sellers are not obligated to post a photo, making it hard to see the condition for a buyer. MUABS is a site marketplace strictly for makeup. You can find both used and new items, but sellers can include photos of the item.

Reddit Makeup Exchange is a Subreddit where users can buy, sell, and swap makeup. This group has its own rules and several moderators. This is run by users, so you earn 100% of your sale but that also comes with limited support.

You can find anything on eBay, including makeup. eBay has a strict policy on not selling any used makeup or hygiene products. You can only sell thoroughly cleaned makeup brushes and sealed products.

Poshmark is even stricter, only allowing all new cosmetics to be sold, including brushes.

If you are looking to start selling your makeup, pick a site based on the guidelines and fees. Before selling any used items, make sure to sanitize them properly. Take photos of the makeup in good lighting. Do not alter the photos! You want your customers to see what they are getting and not give false expectations. This will lead to bad feedback and returns. If you’re selling on a platform where you can provide a description, be as specific as possible.

When buying makeup, it is essential to veer on the side of caution since it’s impossible to know how the person who sells the item handled it. Even the way the seller stored the item could affect it. If possible, ask for lots of photos and information about the product. If you want to be extra cautious but still shop online, try to buy products like powders or things that come in a tube or with a pump to reduce contamination.