how to tip at the spa
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How to Tip at the Spa:

Spas are meant to be a place for relaxation, so kick the nerves to the curb with a bit of tipping advice from celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas.  Tip your esthetician 20% after a facial or massage, she suggested.

“I think a tip is a reflection of how you felt about the service. Giving someone less is fine if you thought the attention was subpar,” Vargas explained. “More is welcomed if you want to say you thought it was exceptional. Service providers always see tips in that way and can use them as a learning experience either way.”

Vargas also shed some light on why you should always tip normally even when you got a Lifebooker or a Groupon deal. “Salons and spas use online discounts as a way of inviting a new client to try a new service or experience,” she explained. “It gets people through the door and the aim is always to give that person such a good service that they come back as a regular. It is never a reflection of a less service, so you should tip accordingly.”

Her last piece of advice? Tips don’t differ between day spas and resort spas. All tips should be based on the type of care — hopefully fantastic — you received!

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