Buying new skincare products is addicting. There’s a product out there for every skincare problem imaginable, not to mention it’s tempting to buy into the cute packaging of products. And while you might be tempted to add more products into your skincare routine, if you have sensitive skin, you have to watch out for specific ingredients. Here are five components you should never apply to your face if you have sensitive skin:

One of the top things you should NOT put on your face if you have sensitive skin is any product containing alcohol. Alcohol will dry out your skin, which will only lead to further inflammation and breakouts.

Yes, we all want our skincare products to smell good. I mean, nothing is more relaxing than putting on a moisturizer that smells like a spa. But if you have sensitive skin, it’s best to stay away from those pretty smelling fragrances. They can lead to inflammation and even allergic reactions.

Apricot Kernels
You might think that apricot kernels in a face scrub are a more natural route to exfoliate, but it’s damaging to sensitive skin. The kernels are too harsh for your face and should be used on other parts of your body instead.

Essential Oils
Essential oils are known for their many benefits, like their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So great- perfect for your skin. Well, that is if you don’t have sensitive skin. Essential oils tend to contain too many chemicals that react harshly on sensitive skin.

Sulfates make skincare and shower products foam up- which everyone likes. But sulfates are not suitable for sensitive skin. The sulfates in skin products can dry out and irritate your face.

Chemical Sunscreen
Mineral sunscreen contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which protect against harmful UV rays and are great for sensitive skin. Chemical sunscreen contains many different chemicals that cause a chemical reaction after the UV rays are absorbed and released as heat. In short- chemical sunscreen is not suitable for sensitive skin.