Brace yourselves, Beach Blonde faithfuls: John Frieda is bringing back your favorite, long-lost hairstyling line!

For those of us who spent our younger years as first-adopters of the beach wave trend, misting our hair in the sea-blue Ocean Waves, this news is actually quite thrilling (as far as haircare news goes). And it’s about time. Consumers have been petitioning online for the return of the original, cult-classic beach waves spray since its demise almost a decade ago. Most haircare lines now carry some sort of salt spray or texturizing spray, but we haven’t forgotten our first love.

A few months ago, John Frieda conducted a social media poll, asking fans to vote to bring back their favorite throwback. Of all the discontinued contenders, Beach Blonde Ocean Waves of course won by a landslide. Maybe it’s how the product helped mimic the gritty hold salt water leaves in your hair, or how the liquid inside the clear bottle really looked like waves rippling in an ocean when you tilted it on its side, or the coconut-suncreen scent it left in your messy tresses all day. Whatever it was had us hooked.

The new and improved Beach Blonde collection, which also includes Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray, Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo, Smooth Seas Detangling Conditioner, and Sun Streaks Lightening Spray, hits stores in January 2015, but you can follow my lead and pre-order the Sea Waves spray now at!

Oh, and if you’re really set on getting your hands on the original, vintage product, it’s going for a cool $140 on Amazon.