Ladies with fine hair, you know who are — the ones who can never get curling iron curls to stay put! But with a little hairstyling magic, you can transform your hair into voluminous tresses that even those thick-haired goddesses will be envious of (Blake Lively, anyone?). With these expert tips and tricks from celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves, leave your limp, lifeless strands in the past and emerge with the bouncy hair you’ve always wanted.

Ken Paves: Celebrity Hairstylist
Ken Paves

 1. Cleanse Your Scalp“It’s so important to cleanse only at the root and not at the mid shaft or ends since it’s naturally dryer there. To really target the root, flip hair over in the shower to get super close to the scalp and to lift the cuticle.”2. Go Light on Conditioner“Condition hair at least three inches from the scalp and be sure not to put in too much product. Excess conditioner, especially near the root, will weigh your hair down, making it seem finer.”3. Stock Up Your Beauty Closet“Every woman with fine hair should own a fantastic hydrating volumizing mousse with no synthetic fragrances (since it’s drying to the hair), and packed with essential oils for it’s protective properties.”4. Style Smartly“Use products only where you need the most help. Take a conditioning body-volumizing mousse and apply it to damp hair an inch or two away from the scalp. Work through to the ends, and then, spritz a volumizing spray all over your head, from the nape of your neck to the crown. Allow hair to air dry before you do any additional styling since wet hair is vulnerable to stretching out the cuticle, making it appear thinner.”5. Choose a Style Wisely“Ultimately, every woman must learn to love what you have and rock it. To understand your hair texture and work with it instead of against it, will end up giving you your best look!”READ MORE: Can You Train Your Hair to be Less Oily?READ MORE: Tame Your Hair Troubles!