The next time you’re looking for a beauty product to introduce into your regimen, think Korean. The Korean beauty market is booming with products that you can easily pick up from places like CVS. In fact, CVS is now carrying about 100 Korean skin care products. To help you navigate the plethora of beauty options, here’s a list of great Korean inspired products you can pick up from CVS today.

Ariul Juice Cleanse Mask, Kale & Grapefruit: This wonderful cleanse cost very little. Only $2.99.

If you’re looking for an eye patch, then you should try the Elisha Coy Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch. Yes! CVS sells this product for $13.99.

Ariul is a great brand. You can pick up their Brilliant Tone Up E.G.G. Cream for just $24.99.

CVS also offers a refreshing product called the Frudia Citrus Brightening Serum. It costs $21.99.

If you’re looking to try a new toner, go for the Holika Holika Lazy & Easy All in One Master Toner. The name is a lot of fun, and you’ll have a blast trying on this product. It only costs $30.99 at CVS.

Another Holika Holika favorite is the Lazy & Easy Smooth Egg Peeling Gel. It costs only $10.99.

Peach Slices Citrus Honey Aqua Glow has a wonderful smell. This hydrating moisture gel only costs $11.99 at CVS and is perfect for most skin types.

Along with the Peach Slices Citrus Honey Aqua Glow, you may also want to get your hands on the Peach Slices Hydrate Sheet Mask. You can grab it for $2.49 from CVS.

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