6 Male Celebrities Who Wear Nail Polish

Polished nails are no longer a trend only for the girls: This weekend, Brad Pitt rocked multi-colored nails at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, Yahoo News reports. It turns out a lot of male celebs have been known to rock this glossy look and I’m honestly not opposed to their male polish. Click on to find out who is very secure with his masculinity.

1Adam Lambert

Known for his punk persona and liberal use of eyeliner, Adam Lambert’s black nail polish is a rock star staple.

2Johnny Depp

Able to pull off anything, this effortlessly cool actor opted for electric blue nails to match his equally bright shirt on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”

3Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt wore a rainbow of colors on his pinkie and ring finger this past Saturday — likely courtesy of one of his six children.


Trendy tips have become a must for Heidi Klum’s ex, keeping his nails both darkly polished.

5Wiz Khalifa

The black nail polish trend has jumped over to the rap scene, with Wiz Khalifa using polish to add to his edgy look.