What it is: (for three products)What it does: Temporarily straightens all curls—from big and loose to tight and kinky—without screwing up the natural curl pattern.Why it works: The three-step system starts to work immediately with the shampoo, which has a fancy structured liquid formula ideally suited for conditioning and elongating curls. “Structered liquid” means the technology allows for more oil suspended in the formula than usual, but without the consistency veering into separated salad dressing territory.The next step is a leave-in conditioner with argan and coconut oils—comb that through and dry the hair. Finally, apply the Straight Finish Sealer before flat-ironing the hair straight. Keratin protein fills in weak spots, smoothes down the cuticle (hair’s outer layer) and protects against heat damage.The results are truly remarkable. In a live demo, we saw an African American model’s kinky-curly hair become swingy and straight like it was no big deal. Coast for a few days, and when you want to go back to curly, all you have to do is wash and your bounce comes back.Why you care: In a survey, one in four African American women with natural hair would like to straight style their hair, but only if it didn’t disrupt their natural curls.MORE: The Science Behind Your Curly Hair