If you’ve been looking for the perfect foundation, you may be in luck. There’s a foundation out that’s getting tons of great feedback and excitement. It’s far from anything you may would have ever expected in a foundation.

Apparently, much isn’t needed, it easily blankets your face, and claims to “look like your own skin”. What is it? It’s the Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish Mousse Makeup. Yes, mouse makeup. It comes out in a frothy tuft that is applied to the face like lotion. Then after you rub it in, it disappears. It’s a lot of fun and just like hair moose, this foundation comes in a bottle that you shake and pump. And because it comes out smooth as lotion, no sponges or brushes are needed to create¬†the finished look.

As mentioned earlier, people are pleased as it proudly boasts anywhere from 4 to 5 stars on websites like Macy’s and Amazon. Who is it ideal for? We’ll think of it as a light, airy cloud of color that provides a translucent finish (according to the description). If you’re going for the minimalist look, or plan to go out for the weekend, this makeup is it. The colors you can get it in are beige, bisque, buff, sparkling brush, ginger, honey, melba, mocha II, natural, shell, summer and vanilla.

Give this make up a shot.

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