Warm months can be an interesting time for your hair. The hair goes through a mixture of all sorts of conditions from hot and sticky to heavy and greasy. To avoid that, you should check out some of these summer hair style ideas inspired by Instagram models.

These styles look great (because we can’t compromise looks), and they feel great (because we don’t want to compromise comfort).

Let’s start with the sleek knot. If you have straight hair, you can try sleeking it back into a knot for a sophisticated look. Just put a strong center part and statement earrings and your look will be to die for!

If you have curly hair, you would look amazing with pineapple curls. Just pile all your hair up to the top of your head and let a few pieces hang out for a sexy look.

To keep your hair out of your face, you can go for a low ponytail. And while ribbons and bows are in style, tie them on to the ends of your hair.

To keep all of your hair strands together, you can wear plenty of snap clips. They were huge in the 90s and are making a comeback.

Rapunzel Braid is another no fuss option that’ll have you looking beautiful. The key here is not to worry about your ends sticking out.

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