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Introducing Skin Smarts

The body and mind are deeply connected to beauty.

Turn Back the Clock

Get a youthful, glowing complexion with these top anti-aging treatments.

Why is It Bad to Care About Beauty?

Caring about how you look does not mean you're vain.

Introducing Beyond Hair

Every woman can be beautiful.

Textured Hair: The Science

Learn why textured hair curls, and how to make the most of your texture.

Curly Hair: The Science

Why does curly hair coil? Learn here, plus how to make the most of your curly hair spirals.

Wavy Hair: The Science Behind Your Waves

Learn what determines wavy hair and find out how to handle common wavy hair problems.

Straight Hair: The Science

Learn what makes straight hair smooth-and how to handle your straight hair's common problems.

The Science of Hair

Find out what makes your mane curly, wavy, straight or highly textured"“and how to overcome your hair type's common problems.

Haircut Styles for Every Hair Type

There's a perfect haircut style for every hair type. Find out which hairstyles make the cut for the your straight, wavy or curly locks.