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Makeup for Your Face Shape

Enhancing your face shape can take your makeup look from ho-hum to hello, gorgeous.

Introducing Sleeping Beauty

Think you're alert? Find out here.

Haircuts for Wavy Hair

If you have wavy hair, there's a secret to achieving that beautiful cascading texture as seen on every celebrity. It's called the right haircut.

Haircuts for Straight Hair

There's a perfect haircut for every hair type. Find out which straight hairstyles make the cut for the naturally pin-straight.

Best Red Hair Color for Your Skintone

Having red hair isn't just for the fair-skinned, freckled gals. With a little color theory know-how, you too can enjoy a fiery mane.

Gray Hair Color for Your Skintone

Gray hair doesn't have to be boring or worse, old-lady looking. With the right shade it can be downright youthful!

Best Brown Hair Color for Your Skintone

Pick the perfect shade of brown-from light to golden to red-for your skintone with the latest science and color theory.

Best Blonde Hair Color for Your Skintone

Blonde hair is beautiful, but one shade definitely doesn't fit all. With a little help from science and color theory, you can choose the perfect blonde hair color for you.

Black Hair Color for Your Skintone

Black hair doesn't have to lack interest and dimension. Using the right color theory, the perfect shade is closer than you think.

The Best Hair Colors for Your Skin Tone

Your perfect hair hue isn't a whim or a trend. The shade that'll make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle is rooted in color theory, chemistry and science.