Plenty of people have tried to copy Kim Kardashian‘s makeup. But expert makeup artist Paolo Ballesteros can literally turn himself into a Kim clone using makeup. And as People reports, it doesn’t stop there. Ballesteros has transformed his face into a copy of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Tyra Banks, and plenty more of our favorite celebrities.

Here’s Ballesteros as a flawless Dakota Johnson:

Here he is pulling off Kim Kardashian’s new platinum hair:

Here he is as First. Lady. Michelle. Obama. 

He’s currently the host of “Eat Bulaga!”, a long-running variety show in the Phillipines. That’s kind of like if Jimmy Fallon or Seth Meyers had a side job as a makeup artist who specialized in Tyra Banks’ face. Maybe we should all stop watching “Late Night” and start watching “Eat Bulaga!”?  Ballesteros is also slated to star in a film entitled “Die Beautiful” as a transgender woman with the dying wish to be buried as Lady Gaga. That look would clearly be no problem for Ballesteros. 

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