I logged into the app myself to poll strangers on my makeup … although admittedly, sClaire Hannum makeupubmitting my own poll question brought up all kinds of weird neuroses:

What if nobody voted and I was just launching my question into an echo chamber?

Would it be embarrassing to put my image on a digital chopping block?  What if someone who knows me saw? 

Still, none of that mattered much in the face of a more dire issue at hand: I couldn’t decide what kind of lipstick to wear tonight! I took two selfies to upload: one wearing a hot pink Wet n Wild lipstick and the other in a rich red Elizabeth Arden shade, and was presented with the option to crop them before the poll went live. What’s odd is that the app cropped my photos even further afterward in a seemingly random shape, presenting my would-be digital BFFs with a slightly creepy view of the lower corner of my face. My lipstick was barely even visible! I decided to try a round two with a better crop job, but I couldn’t resist letting my first attempt sit out in the open for a few minutes to see if anyone voted.

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The first few minutes were silent, but after about 10 minutes had passed, I found myself with 78 votes,. Come to find out, 62 % of users favored the bold red lip. Success!

My second attempt delivered awkwardly chopped-off photos, and I’m still unclear why. This time, even though my eyes had been cropped off, my full lipstick look was visible, and that’s all that really matter for an educated vote anyway. This time around, I received 98 votes, with an even higher percentage of users urging me to go with the red. Red it is!

I’m not alone in seeing quick responses: according to the app’s CEO, the average poll response is 80 votes within 24 hours. Scrolling through the app and casting votes is just as addictive as making polls yourself, so next time you can’t decide between an updo and loose curls for your cousin’s wedding, you know what to do!

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