7 Pumpkin Spice Beauty Products to Get in the Fall Spirit

It’s officially pumpkin season — less commonly known as fall. Although you may be thirsting for a Pumpkin Spice Latte every morning, it might not be the best idea for either your budget or your waistline.

But never fear: you can get your seasonal pumpkin fix via your beauty products. And unlike the sugary, artificial pumpkin flavoring that’s not so great for your body or skin, actual pumpkin is packed with nutrients — like beta carotene — that can do wonders for your complexion. Plus, the enzymes found in this gourd work as an exfoliator, helping eat up dead skin cells to reveal fresher, healthier and brighter skin underneath.

Check out these seven skin, hair and body products filled with pumpkin spice goodness. (And go ahead, order a latte.)

Get a subtle waft of nutmeg every time a breeze blows through your hair with this 100 percent vegan shampoo. The scent isn’t too overpowering and the formula is gentle and lightweight, even on fine hair.

Now’s the time to start thinking about adding some extra moisturizing skincare back into your routine. This rich face mask employs pumpkin purée to exfoliate skin and nourish and brighten with amino acids, beta carotene and antioxidants. Other ingredients like moisturizing avocado oil and lavender deeply moisturize the skin, while aloe vera and chamomile calm and soothe irritation.

Looking to treat yourself to a massage? Oasis Day Spa’s seasonal offerings in NYC and Westchester County include an amazing Pumpkin Spice Aromatherapy Massage. The subtly pumpkin-scented body lotion and oil used during the treatment adds just the right amount of this comforting, relaxing scent. It’s a Swedish-style massage that hits every inch of your body, and there’s an optional “deep tissue” ad-on for an extra $10 if you’re really in need of a legit treatment — we’re talking to you, NYC marathon runners!

Oasis Day Spa Pumpkin Spice Aromatherapy Massage, $125 for 60 mins, $155 for 90 mins

Give your pores a good cleanout with this detoxifying, exfoliating facial peel. It’s packed with pumpkin for gentle exfoliation, leaving skin brighter and softer. Ginger root oil works as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent, which helps clear up acne and keep skin clear.

We love Demeter’s vast library of super-specific (and 95 percent natural) fragrances and their pumpkin pie scent is no exception. Spritz it on to smell like you’ve been hard at work baking pies all day.


Time to swap out your cherry ChapStick for the brand’s seasonal pumpkin pie variety. It’s everything you’d expect from the simplistic, well-loved lip balm, but with a festive fall scent that’ll probably make you crave a slice of the real stuff.

ChapStick Pumpkin Pie, $2 exclusively at CVS and Walmart stores

OK, so you can only get this mani/pedi at The Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but it might actually be worth the trip. And you can go to Hershey Park for the day, which is never a mistake.

The treatment starts with a whole milk butter brulee soak, followed by a whipped caramel body polish treatment, a pumpkin purée mud mask for your hands and feet, and THEN a sweet cream body milk massage. Wait, can we just get all of that in a mug instead?

Pumpkin Latte Manicure & Pedicure at The Spa At The Hotel Hershey, 110 minutes, Mon-Thurs $130*/Fri-Sun $140* now through November 30