Besides a purse bag or shoes, hats are one of the biggest beauty pieces to pair with an outfit. Depending on the hat and how you wear it, it can make a pretty bold statement.

Check out these retro hats that are perfect statement pieces you’ll want to sport:

The Cloche: This head hugging hat was common to see back in the 20s. It was really huge during the jazz era with the embellishment on the side.

The Bowler Hat: During the 19th century, this hat was very popular for protecting the head during horseback riding. It was made popular by the Bowler brothers who wanted to make sure the hat was sturdy, compact and appropriate for various situations. You haven’t seen much of it since the 80s, however thousands are still sold a year.

Pillbox Hat: This simple hat was all the rave during the 60s when First Lady, Jackie Kennedy wore it.

The Fascinator: If you’re looking for a subtle accent item, or an item with sex appeal, the fascinator is the way to go. It’s known for being an ornamental headpiece more than anything and stays on the head with a comb or headband.

The Deerstalker hat, also known as the Sherlock Holmes hat, this hat is definitely due for a comeback. This headpiece was the rave during the 19th century. Its fame died down after a while, and is uncommon to see unless you see your grandfather wearing it. They were originally designed for people tracking game and tracking clues.

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