What it is: Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge Ecstasy, $34What it does: Combines the bright, vivid color of a lipstick with the moisturizing skincare properties of lip balm to create a lip color and care (hence, CC) product.Why it works: It was only a matter of time before alphabet technology—BB, CC, DD—snuck its way into lipstick, too (read: CC cream, BB cream for hair). And for good reason: Using one product that does double duty makes your beauty routine quicker and way more efficient than juggling multiple products with tons of steps.The formula includes what the brand calls “kaleidoscope pearls,” which are multi-faceted, translucent particles that refract light, making the color appear even more vivid. Plus, sphere-shaped powders in this lipstick absorb excess oil to leave only what’s necessary, giving the color serious staying power.Moisturizers, like Shea butter, repair lips and keep them hydrated, unlike many other lipsticks, which can be drying. A water-attracting agent traps moisture and locks it into the lips as well, making your kisser even more pillowy soft.Why you care: Most intensely pigmented lipsticks are also very drying, but putting lip balm on underneath can downplay the vividness. A few swipes of Rouge Ecstasy leaves a soft and moisturized texture with a bright pop of color that lasts.MORE: The Best Bright Lips for Your Skintone