First off, what is a makeup detox? Well, it is like any other type of detox. You take a break from wearing makeup to give your skin time to refresh itself.

It is like doing dry January but for your skin. With that, it doesn’t mean makeup is horrible for your skin. It won’t harm your health, but it can lead to allergic reactions, breakouts, and other irritations.

If you wear foundation, especially heavy foundation with layers of primer and powder, it could be clogging your pores. Even if your skin doesn’t look bad, a break from it might be what you need to really put your skincare routine into perspective and see how your skin is makeup-free.

If you are used to wearing makeup daily, this could be intensely difficult for you, but will social distancing and virtual get-togethers, it could be easier than you think.

First off, recognizing yourself without makeup is great for your confidence. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup exactly how you like to, but looking in the mirror and seeing your natural beauty is a nice change of pace.

When you wear makeup in all your selfies and every time you look in the mirror, your makeup-free face may not be who you view as yourself. Getting accustomed to seeing yourself without makeup is refreshing. It can also open your eyes to realize that you don’t look all that different.

If you wear makeup to conceal breakouts, this could be even better for you, as taking a break from makeup could help you realize what may have been causing some issues. Not all makeup clogs pores, but even a slit irritation can lead to skin problems.

Not to mention, taking a break from your makeup routine can help you figure out the things you may want to phase out or change up. Perhaps you’ll realize your skin looks more glowy and fresh without foundation. Maybe you’ll switch to a tinted moisturizer or just some concealer under the eyes.

All this is to say; a makeup detox can do your skin a lot of good no matter your skin type or texture. Not layering makeup on your skin allows your skin’s barrier to replenish. Usually, your makeup works as a barrier between your skin and the world. Sure, that can be good for protecting you from the sun or pollution, but it can also prevent your skin from pulling in moisture from the air.

Your skincare could be more potent without makeup mixing with its ingredients. And a lack of extra ingredients from makeup could let your skin tell you how it feels. Does it like makeup? Some people may not notice a huge difference, especially if their makeup has gentle ingredients and has no fragrance.

But, most people wear makeup that does contain some fragrance here or there, and removing that from your routine can tell you what is best for your skin.

Even though professionals advise that ashing your face thoroughly at the end of the day and making sure you sleep with clean skin is enough of a break, there are benefits to a more extended break from makeup.

You can put more time into your skincare routine. Taking extra care to cleanse the skin, applying treatments, and just massaging the skin can boost cell turnover and blood flow. You might be surprised how fresh your skin starts looking without makeup.

So, no, you don’t need a makeup detox. Your makeup isn’t hurting you, but it may not be helping you either.