If you want to get into skincare but don’t know where to start, keep reading. The skincare world is complicated. It is full of overly intense products, marketing ploys, and expensive products that don’t work.

It can be easy to be swept up in pretty packaging and shocking claims, but sticking with some simple yet proven ingredients, as well as avoiding fragrance, is your best bet.

If you haven’t tried a lot of skincare, you don’t want to jump into the deep end without a life raft. Instead of going all in, try these products and see how your skin reacts.

CeraVe SA Cleanser (Shop here)
Every good skincare routine starts with a cleanser. No matter your skin type, this cleanser will be a big help. It cleans the skin, gently exfoliates, but never dries you out. It is affordable, accessible, and you can even use it on your body if you like. CeraVe is a dermatologist-developed brand, so you know you can trust its products. This cleanser is ideal for first-timers in the beauty realm because it is effective yet gentle.

Versed Auto-Save Advanced Restoring Serum (Shop here)
Serums are the MVPs of skincare routines. They have the most intense and effective ingredients and usually give you visible results. But, since you are just branching out into the skincare world, you don’t want anything too crazy. This serum improves skin tone and protects the skin from damage. It won’t break you out or cause any side effects. It is also lightweight and absorbs quickly. It is meant to be used in the morning and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth.

Paula’s Choice DEFENSE Essential Glow Moisturizer SPF 30 (Shop here)
You NEED sunscreen in your daily routine. Whether you are exfoliating or not, if it’s sunny or cloudy, or you never burn, you still need protection. This product moisturizes and protects all in one. This mineral sunscreen is tinted, so it never leaves an ashy white cast, is lightweight, and offers a subtle glow. Whether you don’t like the texture of sunscreen or it makes you break out, this is the SPF for you.

Curology (Shop here)
Your nighttime routine is so important. Your daytime routine protects the skin while your night routine treats it. And there are so many amazing serums on the market, but if you have any issues like acne, fine lines, or scarring, Curology is essentially an online dermatologist.

You take a quiz about your skin, upload some photos, even chat with a dermatologist before getting a prescription-strength product designed for your skin. Using this every night or even every other night at first will offer the results you want. If something isn’t working, you can reach out for more help, and you can change your formula anytime.

Having the guidance of a professional this early on in your skincare journey is essential to getting your best skin.

Pacifica Vegan Ceramide Barrier Face Cream (Shop here)
Your night moisturizer is the last step and seals in all that goodness from your skin care treatment. It helps heal the skin while you sleep. This formula was created for sensitive skin, is cruelty-free and vegan, and contains no fragrance. It smooths, calms, and moisturizes the skin, so you wake up with soft skin and a healthy glow.

Try this routine for a couple of months and see how you like it. See if there are ingredients you love the effect and if others aren’t for you. Skincare is all about trial and error.