It has long been assumed that you cannot use the same products on your face as you do on your body. In some cases, that is true. When it comes to heavily fragranced lotions and harsh products, you don’t want to use a body scrub on your face or waste an expensive eye cream on your elbows. But, there are products that can simplify your routine so that you have fewer products to deal with.

And it isn’t just about convenience. These products work just as well on the body as they do on the face. You’ll be shocked you can actually get a whole multi-purpose routine together and love your skin from head to toe.

Dove Beauty Bar (Shop here)
You know and love the Dove beauty bar. This is a staple in just about everyone’s shower or was at some point. It is cheap, sold everywhere, doesn’t have a huge plastic bottle, and it works. This bar of soap is not like others out there. It is soft and lathers but never leaves you feeling tight or dry like most others. But, you probably think of a bar of soap for your body, not your face. Well, this one does it all. It locks in moisture while cleansing the skin of dirt and oil. This is wonderful for anyone who wants a simplistic shower routine. Even for those who wish to forego a skincare routine after washing, this provides enough moisture for some people.

CeraVe Baby Sunscreen Lotion (Shop here)
Sunscreen is a skincare necessity for the face and body. But, purchasing one for the body and one for the face is a hassle. Who wants to carry two sunscreens to the pool or the beach or just have them in their bathroom taking up space? No one. That’s why this sunscreen is ideal for all. Sure, it is for babies, but if something is good enough for a sweet little baby, it should be good enough for you, and this is. It contains only mineral sunscreens, zinc, and titanium dioxide, which are gentler on the skin and less likely to lead to any sort of breakout or reaction. This lotion also has ceramides meant to moisturize and protect the skin. It is water-resistant for about 80 minutes and won’t lead to eye irritation. You can’t ask for a better sunscreen.

Hero Cosmetics Lightning Swipe (Shop here)
This is a newer product to the market, but the Hero lighting wand has been out for a while. It was a stick that released a serum to fade dark spots on the face. It became so loved that the brand launched a jar of pads soaked in that serum to be used everywhere and anywhere on the body. Whether you have age spots, dark spots due to old acne, or scarring, this improves the look of them and brightens the skin. Niacinamide and tranexamic acid work together alongside heartleaf and kombucha to even skin tone and texture. The pads have two sides, one smooth and one textured, so you can adjust the exfoliation level depending on where you use it. Chest, shoulder, face, back, and even butt are fair game with these pads.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (Shop here)
Finally, a holy grail moisturizer you can use all over. If you have dry or sensitive skin that gets irritated or red easily, this moisturizer may very well change your life. It nourishes even the most dehydrated skin. Even people with eczema rave about this miracle cream. It won’t feel you leaving greasy but will absorb all its good-for-you ingredients into the skin for long-lasting hydration. This moisturizes and even soothes skin with colloidal oatmeal, so worrying about calming down redness is a thing of the past.