Beneath the glassy reflection of the deep blue, dancing around the fins of exotic fish and intertwined within the white froth that latches onto the grains of sand decorating the shorelines are little treasure coves filled with beautifying properties that only the sea possess. From luxurious caviar to beautifying botanicals, the depths may hold just the magical ingredients needed to capture your youth. These ocean-infused products will hydrate, soothe and transform your skin, unlocking your inner mermaid and captivating the world around you with an irresistible radiance.

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1Formulary 55 Sea Salt & Lavender Bath Fizzy, $6

Courtesy of Formulary 55

Immerse your senses in the crisp essence of sea salt and soothing aroma of lavender of these luxurious sparkling bath tablets. The beautiful harmony between crushed dead sea salt and essential oils will leave your skin blissfully smooth and rejuvenated.

2Borghese Fango Purificante Purifying Mud Mask, $73

Courtesy of Borghese

Dark, rich and intense – soulmate or monthly fling, we promise you won’t regret getting down and dirty with this creamy purifying clay mask! The algal earth used in this powerful complexion-clearing product smooths and resurfaces skin, giving you a luminous glow and bringing balance back to your complexion. Slather over affected areas of your face/body or dab on to that random pimple that popped up out of no where! It is super effective, so we recommend leaving it on for a shorter amount of time and gradually working your way up!

3Hannes Dóttir Seamasque, $70

Courtesy of Hannes Dóttir

Laced with the nourishing properties of Icelandic Kelp, this dual-purpose masque not only injects skin with a flood of hydration and nutrients when applied, but also exfoliates skin as you rinse it off, stimulating cell turnover and leaving skin baby soft with a youthful radiance. With every use, you’ll notice your complexion growing even more balanced and brilliant!

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4Carita Paris Ideal Hydratation Lagoon Serum, $89

Courtesy of Carita Paris

Seduce skin into a state of sweet hydration with the dreamy caress from this serum. The misty aqua-colored gel is infused with the exotic lagoon waters hidden in the depths of the Polynesian island of Raiatea, near Bora Bora. It instantly replenishes moisture, plumping skin up, leaving skin looking more vibrant and youthful!

5OROGOLD 24K Caviar Micro-Beads Serum, $500

Courtesy of Orogold

Indulge your skin in the deliciously smooth and airy feel of this complexion-enhancing serum. Dripping in gold and caviar extract with a subtly sweet aroma, the decadent combination of ingredients increases your skin’s fullness, minimizing signs of aging.

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6Skyn Icelandic Arctic Hydrating Balm, $35

Courtesy of Skyn Iceland

Having a wild side is never a crime, unless it involves your skin. When your skin is being dramatic, calm things down with this ultra-soothing product. Infused with Antarctic glacial proteins and Arctic red algae, the balm tames your complexion when it starts acting out by combatting dryness, reducing inflammation and restoring luminosity.

7Young Blood Liquid Mineral Foundation, $49

Courtesy of Young Blood

Wrap your skin in a satiny finish with this creamy build-able foundation. Loaded with over 20 ocean minerals, botanicals and deep sea water, it works beyond the surface as it revitalizes and improves the appearance of your skin! It also quenches parched skin, leaving you with a lasting flawless finish.