The 12 Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2014

Like every good year, 2014 was filled with celebrities chopping, coloring and otherwise totally transforming their hair. Some even did it more than once (We’re looking at you, Bey).

Here are some of our favorites, from classic blondes going dark to everyone and her mother getting a lob.

1Selena Gomez

Her on-again off-again relationship with the Biebs aside, we do know one thing for sure about Selena Gomez: She looks adorable with bangs.

2Ariana Grande

Queen of the half pony, Ariana Grande dyed her ombre locks a more natural dark brown shade.

3Ellen Page

It was a big year for Ellen Page, who came out during an inspiring speech she gave for the Human Rights Campaign back in February. While a haircut isn’t quite as brave, her cut is a big change from her old long locks.

4Nicole Richie’s

It feels like Nicole Richie’s hair has seen every shade of the rainbow. Most recently? Very simple black.


Beyoncé changes her hair what seems like every other week, but a lob was a new look even for this hair chameleon.

6Kristin Cavallari

… and Kristin Cavallari with the lob.

7Freida Pinto

L’Oréal Paris spokesperson Freida Pinto also couldn’t resist the hairstyle of the year. She totally nailed a mid-length crop with the perfect amount of texture.


The youngest Fanning sister, Elle, showed up at “The Boxtrolls” premiere with brown hair—a far cry from the girls’ signature white-blonde locks.

9Cara Delevingne

Supermodel Cara Delevingne dyed her blonde strands a caramel brown color. Don’t worry, she hasn’t touched her eyebrows.

10Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba used a Flipgram to show her hair transformation from brunette back to a very light blonde. We can’t decide which color we like best on her — she looks fabulous with either.

11Megan Fox

Another star catching the lob fever, Megan Fox chopped off her long supermodel locks for a shorter, more sophisticated cut. Paired with the gorgeous dye job, we think this might be her best hairstyle yet.

12Lauren Conrad

Hair idol Lauren Conrad got what she describes as her first haircut in years, trading in her signature long blonde waves for a lob.