We carry a lot of beauty and instant skincare products with us in our little beauty kits or makeup bags wherever we go. They range from our trusty lipstick to our favorite moisturizer, go-to mini mascara, or any even a bobby pin. But there is always that one product that we can’t carry the day on without, no matter what time of the day it is or wherever it is that we are going. For some, it is their signature perfume, while for others, it might be a lip color that they can always turn to. And like every woman out there, I have one I carry with me at all times.

In my case, the holy grail comes in the form of a tinted lip balm, Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment, without which my makeup bag is incomplete. I love to keep a lip balm with me wherever I go so that my lips never dry out, but that is only one of the several reasons why I always keep one with me. Other than being moisturizing, which I’m truly grateful for every time I use it, I like to have a tinted lip balm on me at all times because the subtle color provides a quick way to dress up my look in case I need it.

Apart from that, another beautiful thing is that my darling tinted lip balm functions as an impromptu blush! A little dab on my cheeks provides an instantly healthy flush, without having to carry my blush palette and brush with me! I love how it serves several purposes and always has my back.

If there’s one product I can’t recommend enough, it’s the Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment. So, with the holidays coming, you know what to request as your stocking-stuffer!