Wondering if it’s time to jump-start a new routine? How about reinventing one? You know of the importance of cleansing your face and removing debris, but you might not be doing it right! With the advent of long-lasting and waterproof formulas comes a new way to wash away the day’s makeup.

Nothing beats waking up to fresh, glowing skin. The only way you’ll get it is by giving your pores a chance to breathe and allow the cells to regenerate. By not removing makeup, you risk not only acne, clogged pores, and wrinkles, but also causing eye infections and broken eyelashes! Read on for our tips.

The Best Way to Remove Makeup

1. Start by Breaking Things Down

You can use an oil cleaner like cult fave DHC Cleansing Oil, to melt off the top layer and break down any tough formulas. If your skin doesn’t react well to oil cleansers, try a balm or go right ahead to a regular face cleanser. It should take care of the general breakdown. Make sure to rub your face in circular motions with a face brush if you have one. Go around your hairline and chin. Alternatively, you can use a makeup remover and some pads to remove the top layer.

2. Cleanse Again

You want to tackle the leftover bits now, so use a gentle formula that won’t dry out your face. Be gentle! You can use an oil formula again or an oil-based cleanser to break down any remnants.

3. Pay Attention to The Eyes

NEVER pull around your eyes! You want to apply cotton pads soaked with some eye makeup remover gently. You should close your eyes and hold the pads over your lids and lashes for the products to dissolve. Then wipe the product remnants off. Rubbing your eyes will cause wrinkles and might cause some of your lashes to break off, so be patient and gentle.

4. Remove Remnants

Use a clean cotton pad to pick up any excess debris and makeup remover from the face. You can soak it in some micellar water to get things extra squeaky clean!

5. Follow up

Now it’s time to tone, apply any serums and moisturize for the night’s rest ahead! You’re ready to wake up to a glowing face and get on with your day.