Beauty brands can no longer launch without some concept beyond “this is skincare” or “this is makeup.” With the beauty space so packed that even the most prominent beauty lovers cannot possibly get their hands on everything, brands need to stand out from the crowd. They need to do something to define themselves. Not even quality products do it anymore. To even get consumers interested in a beauty line, there has to be something beyond the norm. Whether it is killer packaging, vegan ingredients, or being eco-friendly, something needs to attract buyers.

Of course, new brands are launching what seems like daily, but some beauty brands stand out due to their unique ideas, fun concepts, or intense transparency.

Stowaway Cosmetics (Shop here)

The inconvenience of traditional makeup inspired Stowaway Cosmetics. The large bulky packaging, the fact that makeup expires before you can finish it, and when was the last time you actually used up a lipstick? Stowaway took these concerns and launched their line of streamlined cosmetics to fit into women’s everyday lives. Its products are cruelty-free, minimalist, right-sized. What does that mean? Well, Stowaway sells its products in sizes smaller than most other luxury brands but larger than travel-size. This way, it can keep its costs low, and you won’t be wasting a ton of product or a ton of money. Stowaway even has a recycling program. For every three products you use up and send back, you get $5 of credit.

And Stowaway lists out what it costs to make each product sold (testing, packaging, etc.), what it costs other brands to make their products and price comparisons. So, if you want a sincere and excellent beauty brand to try out, Stowaway Cosmetics may be the one for you.

Love Beauty & Planet (Shop here)

Love Beauty & Planet is a drugstore body care brand making considerable strides to help the environment. It has all the products, indulgent fragrances, and cute packaging you could ever want, but its ideas and concepts go far beyond that. It uses 100% recycled materials, it uses a fast-rinse technology so that you can save water, and it has fair wage jobs, ethical sourcing, and sustainable ingredients. Oh, and of course, Love Beauty & Planet is vegan certified and cruelty-free. So if you are on a budget but still want to do good for the planet and yourself when it comes to your hair and body routines, this is the brand to look into.

Beauty Bakerie (Shop here)

Not only is this brand one of the most inclusive around, but its packaging and puns are gold. This is not a new brand to the beauty industry or but it deserves praise for its inspiring concept that has gained nonstop traction since its inception. Plus, this brand is keeping it real by being cruelty-free, vegan, and paraben-free. There is something for everyone in Beauty Bakerie’s line. No matter your preferences, needs, or skin color Beauty Bakerie has got you covered with their adorably clever Cake Mix Foundation (Shop here) and Flour Setting Powder (Shop here). There is no other brand coming close to Beauty Bakerie on any level.