There are times when hair defines a moment, a genre or a cultural movement. (Think Diana Ross’ disco Afro, or Kurt Cobain’s ratty grunge hair.)If you were a skater kid growing up in the 80s, that hair was on a young Tony Hawk.Short on the sides and back with one wide, long chunk on top falling across his head, bleached blonde on the ends from the sun (real ombré, if you will) Hawk personified the laid-back, West Coast vibe of 80s skateboarding culture. Boys all across America were soon spotted with brightly colored skateboards, skinned knees and the Tony Hawk haircut, like a little radical skate army.And lo, I’m going through recent photos and spot the exact same hair on the red carpet. In 2013. On a girl. And it looks good.At the 15th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, hair stylist John D. gave AnnaSophia Robb a deep, swooping side part and put the rest of her hair in a low bun. It’s an offbeat choice, but there’s a legit reason why you might consider giving it a try yourself. A side part is a secret weapon for balancing any asymmetries on the face, whether the asymmetry is in your nose, eyes or lips. Using a pick comb, part hair off to the side opposite the larger feature.Here’s how John D. created AnnaSophia’s look:1. Prep towel dried hair with Tresemmé 24 Hour Body Foam Mousse and Tresemmé Extra Firm Control Gel. Mix the two products in your hands and apply throughout hair to create grip and encourage natural waves.2.  Blow dry hair roughly using your hands to give your hair natural texture.3.  Separate out the bangs and twist them up with a clip.4.  Take the rest of the hair and pull it back into a low ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a low bun and keep it in place with a few bobby pins. Mess up the bun a little bit with your fingers.5.  Take the bang section out of the clip. Spray it with one or two pumps of hairspray and blowdry it briefly to finish the look.Now you’ll have to excuse me. I need to go watch “Gleaming the Cube” immediately.MORE: Hair Through the Ages