Warmer weather makes your fragrance disappear faster. There are tricks to making perfumes last longer without constantly reapplying during these long hot summer days. “It might not come as a surprise that the aroma of our fragrances changes with the different seasons,” says Leighton Denny, an award-winning perfumer. “During the summer you will probably find that your scent fades faster than it would in the colder months.” His hints for making sure your scent lasts from morning to night range from using body oil to drinking water.

Apply scent effectively

Spraying over a wider area is more effective than concentrating generous dabs in a small area. Simply spray about 8 inches away from your skin on pulse points that give off heat and help release the scent. Pulse points are found below earlobes, inside elbows, wrists, temples, neck hollow, on shoulders, behind the knees, back of the neck at the hairline and behind the ears.

Use less and more often

The hotter the weather, the more rapidly the ‘notes’ of a fragrance will leave the skin. Perspiration mixes with scent. The fragrance then disappears along with the evaporating perspiration. The best way to counter this is applying less fragrance more often.

A good rule is to spritz no more than three sprays of eau de parfum, up to four of eau de toilette, and no more than six of cologne. If you’re using perfume, limit to one or two drops. Avoid crushing the scent by rubbing the area after application.

Walk into fragrance

Scenting your clothes will help make the fragrance linger. The best way to scent clothes is to spray fragrance into the air and walk into it rather than spraying directly on clothing. This method creates an even dusting of fragrance.

Make sure you’re hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help maintain the skin’s oil production. Oils in skin help retain scent molecules. The more hydrated and oiler the skin, the more intense your fragrance will be and the longer it will last.

Lay down an emollient layer

Applying an emollient layer between your skin and your perfume should increase the staying power of your scent.   Using a body oil, cream or moisturizer will slow fragrance evaporation.

Keep fragrance out of the sun

Heat, light and humidity (and fluctuating temperatures in general) all break down your perfume’s powers over time. The bathroom is the worst place to store a scent; instead, keep it in the bedroom. Any fragrance that is kept out of its box and sitting in direct sunlight isn’t going to last more than a few months at most.

Store it smart

An opened fragrance stays fresh anywhere from a year to eight years. Heavier oriental scents last longer on the shelf than light, citrusy fragrances. Storing perfume in the refrigerator will make it last longer if you don’t plan to use it for some time. Refrigerating fragrance in its original packaging inside a plastic bag gives maximum protection.