TikTok is fantastic for so many reasons. It’s not only a form of constant entertainment and laughs, but there are also tons of videos with helpful tips about health, fashion, fitness, and more. And one of the most popular areas of TikTok is beauty. You can find everything from makeup hacks to skincare tips, and a lot of them will leave you wondering: how did I not think of that first?

But don’t worry, save yourself some time trying to scroll through your FYP and watching all those videos, we’ve complied the best TikTok beauty hacks into a list for you:

Self-tanning routine
Self-tanning is definitely tricky, but this hack will seriously help you out. It’ll leave you looking like you just got back from spending a week in the sun.

Beauty sponge cleaner
Not regularly cleaning your makeup brushes and sponges will lead to breakouts, so it’s essential to keep them clean. This hack says to use half dish soap and half olive oil to make your beauty sponge look brand new.

Lipgloss hack
This hack will save you tons of money and helps your lipgloss last for longer. All you have to do is heat up water in a mug for one minute, put your dried out lipgloss in the water for 30 minutes, and when you take it out, it’ll look as good as new!

Overlining your lips
With this hack, there’s no need for lip fillers. Overlining your lips can be tricky, but this simple hack will instantly make your lips look more full without looking overdone.

Mascara hack
If you’re looking to get long eyelashes without using falsies, try out this hack. It’s an easy way to apply mascara by starting from the tips, not the roots.

Expired beauty products
It’s easy to accumulate tons of beauty products without realizing that they actually might be expired. This helpful tip lets you know when you should throw out certain beauty products, so you don’t cause your skin to break out.

De-puff your eyes
There’s nothing more annoying than waking up to super puffy eyes and dark circles, but this TikTok video gives you a few simple hacks to help.

Extend your perfume scent
I hate spending tons of money on perfume and then feeling like the smell disappears so early on in the night. This useful hack helps extend your perfume scent by putting on an unscented lotion to the area before spraying.