The best new fall hair colors will spice up your summer-faded locks and get you ready for the chilly temps ahead. Reds makes the move from summer pastels to richer, dusty rose golds. Copper adds a rich lusciousness to chestnut browns. The most daring among us may be ready to for inkiest shade of all: jet black. Move your look forward in the new season with these hot buttered, trending hair colors.

Just in time for Halloween comes the scary-beautiful trend toward jet black hair. While this hair color may be the coolest trend going for fall, the switchover can be spooky for blonds. Pay close attention to adjusting your makeup and even-gasp!-eyebrow shades to this dramatic shade.


Dusty Rose Gold
Rose gold is the latest, greatest update on red. While Elle Fanning’s pastel pink was just right for summer, cooler temps call for a touch of warmth. The rose gold that Jessica Chastain is wearing right now is a softer, more modern look.

Classic Auburn
On the other end of the red spectrum is Brie Larson’s classic auburn. It’s an earthy shade that compliments her light complexion. Auburn can easily be mistaken for chestnut brown if you don’t catch the mahogany hue that lurks within.

Golden Copper
Can’t decide between dusty rose gold and the deep auburn? Choose Emma Roberts’s golden copper as the perfect fall color to lend dimension and add movement to your hair. This mix is redolent of cinnamon and caramel.

Naturally dark-haired blondes find that now is the time to refresh color bleached out under the summer sun. Rock softer, golden highlights by getting a salon glaze of darker pigments for a smooth move into your winter hair color. You’ll find the lighter pieces will blend perfectly with your base color as they grow out.

Sandy Beige
Beige-tone streaks give richness and dimension to those who went all in for ultra-blond highlights during the summer. The greige hue is another easy transition to fall.

Chocolate Brown
Chocolate brown is another fall classic that’s timeless and always in style. If you are not a natural, dye your hair at home to look like Bella Hadid. It’s easy because you can get the look with a single process hair color.

Caramel Highlights
Highlighting darker hair such as Gabrielle Union’s with caramel accents gives an extra glow and flatters any skin tone. The combo won’t wash out your complexion even if you go paler in the fall.

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