We’re used to makeup artists who copy celebrity style. But thanks to E! News, we’ve met Promise Tamang, the YouTuber who fully transforms herself into Disney princesses. Her makeup tutorials are easy to follow and totally commit to the theme of the movie, complete with backgrounds and props. Wigs and costumes really put the look over the top, so get those ready if you plan on trying these out at home!

Check out Tamang’s flawless recreation of Elsa from “Frozen” below:

Here she is doing “Alice in Wonderland”:

She cackles, pets a raven, and most importantly, looks just like Angelina Jolie in her “Maleficent” tutorial:

Tamang also does a few celebrity transformations. My personal favorite is Bruno Mars… because why wouldn’t you want to transform yourself into an exact physical replica of Bruno Mars?

Check our her YouTube channel for more fun tutorials!

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