I’m not big on beauty products that try to “fix” your “flaws.” Makeup should be fun. Beauty should be about feeling good. That being said, the one area that I’m always trying to “fix” are the dark bags underneath my eyes. Somehow they manage to make me always look like I pulled an all-nighter, even though I just woke up from a five-hour nap. (And no, I’m not exaggerating about those five-hour naps.) I’ve tried all kinds of undereye concealers, but nothing has worked quite as well as the Wake-Up Undereye Concealer from Almay. Yes, a concealer from a drugstore brand!Product: Almay Wake-Up Undereye ConcealerPrice: $8.99We Think:


How To Use It: Almay’s Wake-Up Undereye Concealer comes in a purse-sized, squeezable tube with a brush on the end, so you can just swipe for easy application. Like lots of products that are squeezed from a brush, you can’t control the amount that comes out, so squeeze gently. Then you use the brush to apply the product underneath your eyes, in the corners of your eyes and your eyelids.  (It could probably also function as a blemish concealer in a pinch.)Results: The problem with a lot of concealing makeup is how awkwardly the colors blend into my pale skintone. You’re supposed to use certain colored products to counteract different skin conditions — yellow for blue undereye circles, green for facial redness, etc. But sometimes these primary-colored products look clownishly unnatrual on pale skin. For example, I also use a yellow eyelid primer from Benefit Cosmetics called Lemon Aid and sometimes if I don’t blend properly, it just looks hella OBVIOUS.That’s not a problem with  Wake-Up Undereye Concealer. It was yellow enough to cover up the dark bags under my eyes but not so yellow as to look obvious. It’s creamy and blended seamlessly and naturally into the rest of my skintone, staying put for a reasonable amount of time throughout the day.However, it should be noted the product is only offered in “light,” “light medium,” and “medium,” ignoring dark-skinned women and their skin issues entirely. That’s something Almay needs to work better on.I received Almay’s Wake-Up Undereye Concealer as a sample and I would purchase it again on my own.