I”ll confess something embarrassing here: I was using this cream for, oh, months before I read the packaging closely and realized it was primarily a sunscreen product, not a moisturizer. Suddenly it made sense why my daily moisturizer smelled so much like sunscreen! But we’re all supposed to wear sunscreen every day anyway, so really, go me.Product: Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 CreamPrice: $46We Think:


How It Looks, How It Feels: Bienfait Multi-Vital is a sunscreen with the thickness of a daily moisturizer that feels light on your face. It has a faint but noticeable sunscreen smell. A penny-sized amount was enough coverage for my face, so my jar has lasted a long time. It comes in beautiful and durable, high quality packaging.How To Use It: A penny-sized amount was enough coverage for my face all day, so my jar has lasted a long time. I would have balked at the price if I hadn’t received it as a sample, but it really did last forever.Results: This sunscreen is SPF 30, which was perfectly fine for me walking around in New York City in regular weather. However, when I went to sunny Puerto Rico for a weekend, I realized I was getting lightly burned on my face so I employed a stronger sunscreen on the beach.Despite being a sunscreen, it doesn’t feel oily or look shiny; you don’t need to wear an additional moisturizer along with it. I’d recommend this for every day use for anyone with dry, sensitive skin who wants a sunscreen that will keep their skin moisturized all day.I received this product as a sample.Related Articles: 6 Essential Tips for Sunscreen ShoppingAsk a Scientist: Can I Use Expired Sunscreen?