Lipglosses have never been my thing. Glosses felt too sticky and strands of hair would get stuck on them (ew), while lipstick never stayed put due to my two-coffees-a-day habit. I’ve been a tinted lip balm girl from way, way back. But now that I’ve tried a NAKED Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss from Urban Decay, I may be a lipgloss convert. The brand and their products (especially their eyeshadow palettes) have a cult following — and now I know why.Product: Urban Decay NAKED Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss, $20We Think:

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How it Looks, How it Feels: Urban Decay’s lipgloss comes in a classy-looking gold tube with an applicator wand. It goes on with a pleasantly creamy feel; one or two swipes is enough coverage. Unlike other lipglosses, it doesn’t feel overly sticky or look blindingly shiny. I actually found this as comfortable to wear as a balm.Results: I’m a convert to this lipgloss — not just for fancy occasions where lip balm won’t cut it, but for everyday use at work, too. I’ve been wearing the rose-colored lipgloss Sesso, which came to YouBeauty in the Urban Decay’s NAKED On The Run palette ($54), one of their holiday beauty offerings. Unfortunately, Sesso is exclusive to that set. The color pictured above, Beso, is one of Urban Decay’s nine regular shades that you can see here and is a similar-looking shade. But I love Sesso so much that I hope they add it to their regular lineup!Disclaimer: I received this product from Urban Decay as a sample.