Winter is a funny time for your hair. Sure, you may not be sweating in the summer heat, but there are plenty of issues that come with winter as well.

The snow can make your hair frizz. The dry heat indoors can cause a lot of static. And scarves cause knots.

You want a cute hairstyle but with hats, scarves, or earmuffs, what is the point?

If you want to change things with winter, here is your chance. You don’t need to suffer from the winter hair blues. You can find a hairstyle you love that is trendy and works for the season.

Short Bob 
The bob hairstyle has been in and out of the magazines for years. You might think cutting your hair short in winter will leave your neck cold, but just wait. Sure, you might not have lengthy locks to keep you warm, but that is what a cute scarf is for.

You can amp up your look with accessories and not worry about that massive knot in your hair after having a scarf on all day. A short bob not only freshens your style and gives you healthy ends but, having those short hairs coming out of the bottom of a cute winter hat is just adorable.

Low Lights
Low lights have been a winter staple for ages, but people often forget about them. Yes, highlights brighten up your look, but low lights add a softer level of dimension to your hair. Instead of tossing blond locks into your tendrils, go for some darker and cooler tones.

This will add a ton of shape and dimension to your look without going over the top or too intense. If you want a minor change this season, this could be perfect for you.

Pigtails are not just for children. Low pigtails are adorable, and you can play around with them. Slick your hair back and have low pigtails at the nape of your neck. Or have some loose and messy pigtails with tons of volume and teasing.

Pigtails highlight your ends while your ears are nice and warm under a hat or earmuffs. You can add some braids into the pigtails or even fun hair ties to amp things up.

Bright Colors
Summer is not the only time you can dye your hair pink or green. Actually, in the winter, your hair may be a lot more protected from harmful UV rays, so it could be the ideal time to go for a bright and bold color.

Plus, you tend to wear darker colors like grey and black in the colder months. With a bold hair color choice, you brighten up every outfit without even trying.

Low Bun
A messy bun tied up at the bottom of your head gives you that chic yet effortless appearance while still giving you the freedom to keep cozy with a hat. You can pull some baby hairs out around your face or ears for some more intrigue too.

Bows are not just for Jojo Siwa, although she does rock a lot of bows. A stunning velvet bow with half your hair up can look chic, stylish and pull your hair out of your face. Not to mention, bows are perfect for celebrating the holiday season. You can actually become the present.

And bows come in all textures, fabrics, and colors. You can go for a big bow and pull all your hair back. You can do a half up and half down style. Or you can opt for a ribbon tied into a bow to accent a simple ponytail.