Beauty vlogger Em Ford, aka My Pale Skin on YouTube, only recently began posting photos of her makeup-free face on social media. She hoped owning her acne would serve as a confidence-booster to fans. Of course, internet commenters didn’t let that happen. Ford got comments like, “Seriously… has she ever washed her face?” and “Ugly as f*ck.” So she decided to fight back like YouTubers can – with a powerful, artfully crafted video calling out her haters. Here’s #YouLookDisgusting.

Ford elaborates on the video’s premise on her YouTube page, “I wanted to create a film that showed how social media can set unrealistic expectations on both women and men. One challenge many face today, is that as a society, we’re so used to seeing false images of perfection, and comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards that It can be hard to remember the most important thing – You ARE beautiful.”

The video has spurred a call to action among Ford’s fans, many of whom have similar stories to share. #YouLookDisgusting has gotten over 6 million views on YouTube and comments like, “I am so thankful for this video. I have had acne for such a long time that I don’t remember what it’s like to have clear skin, but instead if being ashamed of it, like I used to, I wear it proudly.” Kudos to Ford for fighting for her right to be beautiful in any way she chooses.

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